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Wed, 18 Oct 2006 10:51 Logo/Mascot Contest

Hardened Linux needs a logo/mascot! Since we doesn't have any logo but all other distributions own one, you can now submit logos for Hardened Linux. With a bit of luck, your logo will become the official logo/mascot for Hardened Linux. Good Luck!


edit: This site is now here for propaganda reasons only. Link or use this logos if you want.

edit: The logo contest is over. The winner is the black-white pinguin of Łukasz Błachowicz -- Congratiulations!

edit: The logo contest ends on Fri, 12-01-2006.

edit: here are the currently submitted logos:

This is my (Steffen's) image (and it is here just for fun!):

Other images I made:
This two images are from Łukasz Błachowicz (zetesha (at) gmail (dot) com):
This is from Matthias Friedrich (mail (at) alpha (dash) sundial (dot) de):
This is from Ulrich Berens (ub (at) berens (dot) net)

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