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Hardened Linux

Progress of 1st Stable Release (v2.0):
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Here is a list of key features of the Hardened Linux OS:

  • heavily secured (hardened) operating system
  • Slackware-like lightweight package system (cpfos) with port support and secure online updates (backward compatible with Slackware packages)
  • Most of the packages are unmodified Slackware packages but the network services are compiled to work with PaX and stack smashing protection
  • GRSecurity/PaX patched kernel
  • SMP-ready kernel that runs on a i486 CPU too
  • very small (200 MB iso file; only 600 MB default install)
  • perfect for Firewalls, VPN, Intrusion Detection, Servers and other high security environments
  • includes its own hardening configuration assistant (HLHS)
  • includes hardened and stack smashing protected binaries
  • hardened package configurations by default

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