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Hardened Linux

Progress of 1st Stable Release (v2.0):
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  • Developer Hardware
    Not all Hardened Linux developers have the needed equipment to work on Hardened Linux, without facing major problems mainly due to old hardware limitations.
    Working on Hardened Linux means a lot of CPU and RAM usage, because of the package creation processes.

  • Build server
    The build server is currently located at the home of one of the developers.
    We have a totally slow ISP connection (currently 8 kb/s upstream), and the ISP resets the connection every night, which breaks over-night builds, using remote logins.
    We would be happy if an ISP is willing to "house" our server to provide us a "real" internet connection.

  • AMD64 Bit architecture
    We would like to port Hardened Linux to AMD64.
    At the moment the developers do not have AMD64 machines and there is no build server available, that would also provide access for other developers.

  • Hardware support
    We want to include RAID system support to the installer, therefore we need different:
    • RAID Controllers
    • Harddisks

  • Porting Hardened Linux to other achitectures
    • AMD64 Bit machines
    • AMD64 Bit CPUs
    • SPARC machines

  • Different Hardware
    • Motherboards
    • CPUs
    • RAM
    • Harddisks
    • cooling equipment
    • anything

You can donate using Sourceforge.net: Donate

If you need information about how to donate hardware (for example the address of a developer who needs the hardware) send an eMail to Steffen (steffen(at)ploetner-it.de).


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