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Hardened Linux

Progress of 1st Stable Release (v2.0):
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Contributing to our project is a good idea and contributers are always welcome.

How to contribute?

There are different ways to contribute to our project:

  • Download the latest snapshot version, run it, try the latest packages from our subversion server and report bugs and problems.
  • Try to find a way to improve the projects code by sending us patches (use svn diff or diff -up to create them) or find some kind of bugs (even grammar and typo fixes are more than welcome). If you found something, then send it to our mailinglist, to Steffen or post it in our bug tracking site at sourceforge.
  • If you want to hack some code or want to help us in an other way, then take a look into our tasks file.
  • Subscribe to our mailinglist and watch our forums. Try to help people fixing their problems and answer their questions.
  • Link our website on your own and/or put our banners on your website. You can also create new banners for Hardened Linux.

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